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Solve Business questions


68. The optimal solution, for a group or society, is achieved when the entire group is made 

better off up to the point where no further improvement can be made without making one 

person worse off in order to make another person better off. This idea is called..?

69. Planning is required for determining a “desired” state. Thus, planning is important in 


70. The feedback cycle (loop), or process of control, requires only..?

71. Increasing the frequency of the feedback cycle will..?

72. In terms of Control Theory, in controlling the performance of the firm, financial statements represent a critical element referred to as the. 73. If ROA is and the cost of Debt is, increasing the leverage ratio from 1.5 to 2.0 will?

74. The value of the firm is:

75. When price exists, price is…?

76. In general, what is the impact on the breakeven point caused by changing your overall 

payroll/compensation system..?

77. Which of the following is a risk-adjusted measure of firm performance..?

78. All else equal, a firm with a Beta will have a(n) cost of capital.

79. When interest rates , the firm’s cost of capital will , and the value of the firm will . 80. If a manager wants to change the firm’s Beta, she will. 

81. When setting financial targets for your annual business plan, which of the following 

groups of targets will improve your ROA..?

82. With Differentiation competitive advantage, the firm controls price..?

83. “Consumer surplus lost” is the cost to society for..?

84. Under competitive advantage strategy, how many competitors must you beat 

on price in order to earn a profit?

85. How does your profit affect the price in Advantage?

86. Why is Low Cost leadership the wrong goal?

87. David Ricardo’s Rent Theory explains why the price of commodities is…?

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