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Econ-E 200 – Issues in Macroeconomic Theory and Policy

Econ-E 200
Extra Credit
The purpose of this assignment is for you to give your opinion, supported with
facts, on a contested macroeconomic issue. You’ll be required to think critically to
develop your argument and provide a good foundation to build from. Citing
credible sources will further strengthen your side, however, don’t fill your paper
with other people’s words. I want to hear your ideas on how we ought to conduct
our economy and how we should go about it.

For this extra credit assignment do the following: 
Read Chapter 17 – Issues in Macroeconomic Theory and Policy Select a topic within the chapter that interests you. Suggestions:
o Problems with fiscal/monetary policy
o Rational expectations
o Controversies in Macroeconomic Policy
o The financial crisis ’08-‘09
o Any other sub-topic discussed Outline your paper and argument
o Introduction of topic
o Explanation of topic and current state
o You proposed plan for change
o Conclusion Write it, Read it, Tweak it, Submit it! Two mutually exclusive options for submission – Pick only one
o Option 1: (45 pts.) – Submit your completed paper under the
assignment “EC Paper”. I’ll read your paper and grade it accordingly,
earning you up to 45 points.
o Option 2: (45+ pts.) – Submit your completed paper under the
discussion “EC Discussion”. Your peers will read your paper and give
you their feedback on it. Since you’re posting your paper to the class
and replying to others’ posts, you can earn more than 45 points. FAQ’s: What font type/size, margins, single/double-spaced, and pages?
o There is a 2-3 page limit, with 3 pages required to earn full credit. Use a
font that is easily readable and a reasonable size. Standard margins and
double-spaced. It’s easy to spot abnormal fonts, spacing, and margins, so
don’t try to be too crafty trying to reach the page limit. The easiest way is
to write some more! Cover and Reference pages don’t count towards
page limit.
MLA Format
Three sources in total needed.
o One source will be the textbook, this will be easy for the explanation
portion. Select and use two outside sources to help support your opinion.
Make sure the sources are credible, not a rant on reddit. Remember,
don’t quote from your sources too much. Your words are the important
part. Don’t be afraid to say “I”!
How do I do this, let alone start it?
o Pick a topic that you feel confident that you could discuss in a debate. If
most topics seem outside your realm, then pick what’s most familiar. Pick
a side, for or against. Search for sources that say the same as you. Outline
your thoughts, then fill it in with details. Try to really analyze what you’re
saying, always making sure it’s a sound argument. If you happen to have
one idea going into it and change your mind after research, then talk
about this experience. Most of the paper should be the third part, your
argument. If you need more to reach the page limit, then go back to this
section and expound on your main points. Your goal is to persuade your
audience. Keeping them interested and entertained should also be
considered! ?
Can we get an example?
o Sure! Here’s a quick introduction snippet to give you an idea:
o Careless fiscal budget overruns are rampant in the U.S. and are spiraling
out of control. These foolish, futile attempts to boost the economy have
left businesses in the chokehold of high interest debt, due to being
crowded-out of the financial markets from State borrowing. I’ll be
discussing how Uncle Sam has wasted limited investment dollars, starving
businesses, for the sake of growth and how we can fix our missteps for
the future, focusing on long-term gains rather than short-term ones.

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