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Authorised capital of a company is Rs.5 lac, 40%


106.Authorised capital of a company is Rs.5 lac, 40%of it is paid up. Loss incurred during the year is Rs.50,000. Accumulated loss carried from last yearis Rs.2 lac. The company has a Tangible Net Worth of

a. Nil

b. Rs.2.50 lac

c. (-)Rs.50,000

d. Rs.1 lac.

107. Proprietary ratio is calculated by

a. Total assets/Total outside liability

b. Total outside liability/Total tangible assets

c. Fixed assets/Long term source of fund

d. Proprietors’’ Funds/Total

27 | P a g e

108. Current ratio of a concern is 1,its net working capital will be

a) Positive

b) Negative

c) Nil

d) None of the above

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